Thomas Peters 1821-1881


Born in Corwen, Merionethshire, North Wales. His father was John Peters, a Joiner (Carpenter) in Cowen. His mother was Eleanor Peters (nee Lewis).


In the 1841 Census there is a Thomas Peters, Carpenter, aged 21 living in Middleton Buildings, St Marylebone, London. It is difficult to prove this is the same Thomas Peters but he is show as not born in the same county. He appears to be living with a number of unrelated people (Boarders?).

Thomas Peters 1841


Thomas married Eliza Lloyd at Christ Church, Spitalfields, London.


Eliza gives birth to their first Daughter, Sarah Ellenor Peters. She was baptised on the 23rd of July 1843 at Christ Church, Spittalfields. In the baptism record the parents are shown as living in Wheler? Street (is hard to read). At first glace it looks like "Whites Steet" but this might be "Wheeler Street". Sarah's middle name is spelt 'Eleanor' here.

Sarah's Baptism Record


Eliza gives birth to their second Daughter, Mary Peters. She is baptised on the 18th May 1845 at St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch. Here the parents are shown as living in Teale Street.

Mary Peters Baptism


Eliza Gives birth to their first son, John Peters. He is baptised on the 7th of February 1846 at Christ Church, Spitalfields. Parents are shown as living in Shepherd Street (now called Toynbee Street).

John Peters Baptism

Daughter Mary then died aged one year. She was buried on 9th September. The address shown in the death record is 34 Shepherd Street.

Mary's Death


Eliza gives birth to their second son, Thomas Peters on the 24th June 1850. The baptism is shown as 'Private' which leads me to think Thomas was already dead by the baptism date of 29th June.

Thomas Baptism

The parents are now shown as living at 33 Great Alie Street. Their son, Thomas, was registered as dead in the 3rd Quarter of 1850.

Thomas Peters Death 1850


Eliza gave birth to another daughter, Eliza, on the 1st June 1851. Again the baptism record is shown as 'Private Free' making me think baby Eliza is already dead.

Eliza Peters Baptism

Eliza's death was registered in 1851.


Eliza gave birth to their third son, Thomas Augustus Peters, on the 30th March 1861.

Nine days later in the 1861 Census the family are shown now living at 29 & 30 Great Alie Street.

Census 1861

On the 23rd April Thomas registers a provisional Patent.


In 1871 the family have moved to No.37 Great Alie Street.

Census 1871


In the 1881 Census they are shown as now at 37 & 38 Great Alie Street.

The online census records contains an error. The address is shown as having a large number of doctors, nurses and patients living with Thomas and Eliza and Thomas being the head. One doctor is suspected of being 'Jack The Ripper'. The error is linking this address with the Royal London Hospital. Thomas has nothing to do with the hospital.


Thomas died on the 29th October 1881 at 22 Faraday Road, Leyton, Essex.


The administration of Thomas's estate is concluded by his son Thomas on the 28th July 1882. There is no mention of Eliza.

Thomas Peters Death