Letter to Santa, from a horse aged 9

Dear Father Christmas, You’re busy I know,
Please read my letter before you go.
I heard you keep a little list,
Of who’s been bad and should be missed.
And I thought I might enquire of you,
Are the names of horses on it too?

I sometimes spook a little bit,
Sometimes for fun I must admit.
I meant no harm; it’s just a game,
On the “bad” list, did you put my name?
I’m sorry that I play about,
If I’m good now, would you rub it out?

Dear Santa, I sometimes kick and bite,
And I’m not suggesting this is right.
But then it seemed the thing to do,
I hope you see my point of view.
If you could mark me down as good,
I’d be the nicest horse I could.

In my stable I am prone to weave,
But I’ll stand still on Christmas Eve,
I won’t suck wind; I won’t crib bite,
I won’t box walk throughout the night.
I’ll try and curb my every vice,
If you would write me down as nice.

I’m not so bad; I’m just a horse,
And you can’t blame me for that of course,
I mostly do as I am told,
And normally I am good as gold,
And what I want is nothing shocking,
Just a carrot or two in my Christmas stocking

By John Peters

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