Megan’s Christmas

It was Christmas Eve at the stables,
And Santa had delivered some toys,
Nobody heard,
and so nobody stirred,
Cos Santa he don’t make much noise.

All of the horses had presents,
Except Megan, who Santa had missed,
Which just goes to show,
As all children know,
It’s true, Santa does keep a list.

As Santa was leaving the stables,
With all of the horses asleep,
The sound of a crash,
And a terrible smash,
Santa’s Sleigh had hit the muck heap.

Rudolf had gone lame on take-off,
His tendon had gone in mid flight,
Santa lost all control,
And went into a roll,
The rest wasn’t a very nice sight.

“Oh what shall I do?” cried Santa,
“If Rudolf can’t fly any more”,
And then from afar,
He saw a bright star,
It was Megan looking over her door.

“Megan, with your star so bright,
Will you guide my sleigh tonight?”.

Santa pulled the sleigh out of the heap,
It should still fly if he had any luck,
It had lost the odd bell,
And had a bit of a smell,
Cos the sleigh was covered in muck.

Megan lept into the harness,
Santa knew it would all be OK,
For Santa well knew,
That though covered with poo,
He could still make a quadraped fly.

When they had visited every last house,
And every last stable as well,
The whole world awoke,
And started to choke,
“What the hell was that terrible smell?”

Well Santa went home for a well earned bath,
And Megan went back to her stable,
Santa left her real snug,
In a new bright red rug,
“MERRY CHRISTMAS” it said on the label.

By John Peters

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