PRELIM 10 (2002)

A Dressage test for horse and poet

Enter A at working trot, proceeding down the centre line,
Turn right at C,
Past M and B,
If you’re at F you’re doing fine.

Half circle now, 10 metres wide in working trot from F to D,
Diagonal swap,
Without a stop,
Returning to the track at B.

Leaving B in working trot, go past M and round to C,
You have to steer,
A circle here,
20 metres accurately.

From C, go round past H, past E, until you have arrived at K,
Circle to D,
Then back to E,
Just like before, but the other way.

Trotting on, from E to H, and then to C you do return,
A circle ride,
20 metres wide,
Nice and round is your concern.

Continue trotting round the track, from C to M and then to B,
Turn right to X,
Diagonal checks,
And then turn left when you reach E.

From E to K keep trotting, prepare for Cantering at A,
It’s not a race,
Just change of pace,
Now pass the mark and chocks away.

Canter left from A to B, then circle 20 meters round,
Half way touch E,
Then back to B,
Then canter off, C’ward bound.

Canter round the track to M, keep in canter passing C,
Not too fast,
Just canter past,
At H you cross diagonally.

To F and you have a change of pace, change of rein and change of bend.
A tricky bit,
But stick with it,
As down to trot you do descend.

At A, a pace change yet again, you need a medium walk at A,
It’s not so taxing,
But no relaxing,
There’s more to do on reaching K.

At K there is a change of rein, still walking but now long and free,
A chance to flex,
Your horses necks,
Stretched, relaxed, across to B.

Stay free walking down to M, then medium walk, take up your rein.
Prepare to trot,
C marks the spot,
Then you’re back to working trot again.

Trot on past H, trot on to E, turn left across through X you go,
Turn right at B,
Trot on neatly,
Prepare your canter skills to show.

At A take canter, around to E, then canter 20 meters round,
Half way touch B,
Then back to E,
It’s easy if your horse is sound.

From E, in canter, through H C M, then canter down to K,
Now once again,
You change the rein,
Then working trot to A.

From A go down the centre line, don’t stop at X, go on to G,
Then halt, don’t budge,
Salute the Judge,
Exit A, reins long and free.

By John Peters

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