Chapter Seven: Magic

On a daily basis, a lot of hard physical work takes place all over the land. At the same time magic also happened. Now you might notice that those doing the hard physical work didn’t just ask those with magical abilities to make the hard physical work happen by magic.
There is a very good reason for this. A reason that everyone understood. In fact, it was taught in Social Responsibility lessons.

So, lesson one.

There is a thing called the Hajam/Majam balance. Good things happening on one side equals good magical things on the other. Those with magical abilities don’t make a secret of this. Magic only works for the greater good. This is why Mrs Twinkle is a good fairy. A bad fairy would be an oxymoron (a contradiction in terms). A fairy is a magical being and for the magic to work it has to be for good.

Then there is the question of quantity. A lot of magic needs a lot of good. For example, take the Cable Bus. It would be good if the cable buses ran by magic. In fact, it wouldn’t need the cable. BUT, they are not used by very many. Only those carrying heavy things up the hill really need it. That’s helpful but not enough to warrant the amount of magic that would be needed. A small about of magic was applied at some point that performs maintenance on the chain and wheels. We think by Mrs Twinkle but it could have been someone with a Practical Wish Card.
Actually, the Practical Wish Card is another useful example of how the Hajam/Majam balance works. You only get given a Practical Wish Card for doing something good. Then you can only use it for good things or to make something better.

Now, some ask how this works with the Sugar Mill trollies. Well, Old Fletcher, the Sugar Gnome is a master negotiator. He negotiates with everyone and everything. He has even negotiated with the laws of nature. Because he does a lot of good he managed to obtain a fleet of magical homing trollies that he uses for the greater good. For the good of his customers and, of course, for the good of the Sugar Mill. Fletcher himself was not magical. He just has a lot of life experience and has a hand in most of the good things that happen.
The other thing to know about the Sugar Mill trollies is that, more by accident than design, they had developed a self-awareness that made them sentient. They have become magical beings themselves.

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