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Oh My goodness

Oh my goodness look at me,
Am I not the finest cat that be?
I catches mice and birds and things,
Like Moths and anything with wings.

And oh my goodness watch me go,
For I am fast and they are slow,
I bound, I spring, I pounce, I run,
Isn’t life the greatest fun?

But oh my goodness where’s my tea?
It’s hungry work this being me,
I’ve been busy, in a spin,
I’ve emptied out your rubbish bin,

Now Oh my goodness time for bed,
Can’t stay awake now I’ve been fed,
Tomorrow more of being me,
Tomorrow starts at half past three!

By John Peters

The cat’s christmas

T’was on a cold December night,
When snow lay on the ground,
And not a soul had ventured out,
And no-one made a sound.

Snow covered every garden,
There was snow on all the roofs,
There was not a footprint to be seen,
Except for reindeer hooves.

No-one heard the sleigh bells,
Or the sounds that reindeer make,
And no-one heard the “Yo Ho Ho”,
Cos no-one was awake.

A rustle from the chimney,
And a crimson cloak appears,
Then there stood Father Christmas,
As he has for years and years.

He crosses to the Christmas Tree
With presents large and small,
He does not see the Pussy Cat,
But the Cat has seen it all.

The Cat sat watching Santa,
And he saw him leave the house,
But he did not see that Santa left,
A gift wrapped catnip mouse.

By John Peters